SHELLBACK Spray Batch System Shipments for Major Transportation Supplier

COOPERSBERG, PA, Nov 23, 2021 – SHELLBACK Semiconductor Technology, global leader in Spray Batch technology for the semiconductor industry, announced today that it has shipped another TORRENT™ spray batch system to a major electronic vehicle & transportation supplier as a part of a multi-system order. The systems will be used for post-etch residue and polymer removal on 200mm wafers. President and CEO, Wayne Jeveli noted, “TORRENT is the most intelligent spray batch system on the market and provides high capacity throughput, easy maintenance, and a robust trusted process based on SHELLBACK’s proprietary SEMITOOL™ intellectual property. These systems are a perfect example of SHELLBACK’s capabilities to develop enabling technologies for new markets.” TORRENT is designed to meet the wet processing production demands of today and tomorrow.

For over 400 years, intrepid mariners have embarked on long journeys into uncharted waters. Through a rite of passage, only the most experienced and storied adventurers would earn the honor of being called a “Shellback.” Taking on challenging endeavors, honing critical skills, and earning the trust of comrades, a SHELLBACK enables the success of the voyage. In this tradition, SHELLBACK Semiconductor Technology represents the union of two industry-leading proven semiconductor brands—OEM Group and RITE Track—with a combined 50-years of experience. Sharing a commitment to pioneering intellectual property and unparalleled customer service, SHELLBACK provides new and remanufactured semiconductor capital equipment and services to enable emerging and legacy markets, such as LEDs, MEMS, Wireless, Power, Energy Harvesting, WLP, Data Storage, Analog, and Logic. With one of the industry’s largest installed bases of equipment at over 600+ customers world-wide, SHELLBACK offers proprietary products from SEMITOOL, VARIAN, Applied P5000, SVG Track, and more, as well as a combination of best-in-class technologies for Wafer Carrier Inspection and Cleaning- the EAGLEi and STORM. Headquartered in Coopersburg, PA with facilities across the globe, SHELLBACK was launched in 2021 and is led by President and CEO Wayne Jeveli.

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