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Products & Upgrades

Industry Enabling Technology

Batch Spray

Hi Speed Batch Cleaning

MERCURY™+ set the standard for high speed batch spray cleaning with low cost-of ownership. SHELLBACK now owns the product line.

SEMITOOL Batch Spray

TORRENT evolved from the popular SEMITOOL Class 1 & Cintillio spray batch tools that revolutionized the industry.

Carrier Inspection . Carrier Cleaning


Production use of your wafer cassettes and FOUPs causes known wear over time that can ultimately impact your yield. Inspect and clean your carriers with the industry’s best systems so only known good carriers enter production

EAGLEi 300

Product Solutions

300mm & below

Carrier Inspection

200mm & below

Carrier Inspection

Coat Develop Scrub


Featuring the industry best production track systems. Rite Track is the product line owner for SVG 86, 88, & 90-S/SE systems and a product line expert on refurbished TEL Mark, ACT & DNS 80 systems.

Coat Development Systems

Product Solutions

Scrub Systems

Rite Track is the exclusive product line owner of the SVG 86, 88, and 90-S/SE

CVD & Etch

AMAT P5000

The most flexible, successful, single- wafer, multi-chamber CVD and etch system for manufacturing complex devices in high-volume production Ideal for compound and MEMS applications.

AMAT P5000

Product Solutions

Dielectric CVD

Ion Implant

Varian Implanters

Varian implant systems are proven platforms with a wide range of processes utilized by a large global install base.

Varian 350D Implanter

Product Solutions

Shellback Semiconductor Technology owns all IP and product stewardship for the Varian Legacy Products

Varian Ion Implant Systems

  • 350D
  • 350DE
  • 80XP
  • 120XP
  • 160XP
  • G1500
  • G1510
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